Thoughts to Inspire and Encourage Your Creative Self!
”Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” -- Picasso.

Are you feeling somewhat dry or overwhelmed by the details that faithfully show
up in everyday life?  Take time to contemplate this thought from Picasso! Maybe
it's time to pursue an artistic moment or hour of creative color. Isn't it delightful
that sloshing color on a piece of paper can revive our mental attitude, soothe our
emotions, and remove us for a while from the common cares of everyday life! If
this isn't art therapy, I don't know what is!  Take time today to "wash the dust of
everyday life" in some carefree splashing of watercolor!  If you can't get out the
paper and paints today, at least sit down and dream up colors, and experience
your next painting in your imagination! It's a great creative mini-vacation!  Take
time...Take time.  I will too.
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