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Who Takes Care of the Caregivers?
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"You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor
Welcome  Caregivers!
With great admiration and appreciation for the work you do in assisting,
nurturing,and encouraging, we dedicate these pages to YOU!

You ARE making a difference!

Link for Caregivers
University of Florida online
articles about Caregivers'
well-being, challenges, all kinds
of helpful information on physical,
mental, emotional issues.

Caregiver Guide
"Caring for the Alzheimer's
Disease Patient: How You Can
Provide the Best Care and
Maintain Your Own Well-Being"
Geriatric Mental Health
Foundation. 14-page brochure
Use a splash or swish of color to express
your feelings. Enjoy the interplay of
colors, shapes and brushstrokes!
You probably don't take much time for
yourself. You are very involved with the
needs of others. But YOU need
relaxation and refreshment, too! Take a
deep breath, and enjoy the freedom of
creativity for a while.

The beginning watercolor lessons in "You
Can Do It! ART"  DVD series are
demonstrated simply and in a
manner. You proceed at your own pace,
according to your time frame in your own

The lessons teach watercolor painting  
techniques that are
easily learned and bring
forth colorful, delightful paintings, building
confidence and satisfying feelings of

Emphasis is on personal expression and
individual creativity
, not following directions
to complete someone else's specific scene or
format. No sense of failure! You are free to
experiment and discover the effects YOU like.

You  freely paint whatever colors, brush
strokes, textures, and effects are desired.
Truly your individual creation that flows out of
the inner person, not dictated by anyone
else! This is what art is all about, and how it
contributes to a sense of
expression and realization of creativity.

Painting can sometimes release and express
what words cannot. Persons under stress with
physical, mental, or emotional struggles
find relief and joy through their artistic
explorations in colors, textures, and shapes.

It is a stress-reliever, providing a quiet time
of refocusing and bringing relief from daily

It is reported that during and even after
the painting experience, physical and
emotional pain is reduced, sometimes
going almost unnoticed.

Creating the painting is an experience in
itself. And when the painting is completed, it  
is a story of your moment in time, your
feelings, your creativity. You will eagerly look
forward to your next opportunity to paint, and  
realize you have relaxed your body, mind,
and emotions.
Use your favorite colors and
effects, and let your
imagination "grow" the
painting as you explore. The
lessons show you how. It's
easy. It's fun. It's relaxing.

"You Can Do It!"
The kit includes all materials needed. The  DVDs do all the teaching for you, showing you
how to use and take care of the brushes and clean out the paint box. Then simple
demonstrations of each watercolor technique from start to finish are shown with relaxing
encouragement, affirmation, and coaching along the way.

The wonderful benefits are the
relaxing experiences that provide relief from the
pressing tasks and challenges of concentrated care-giving.
Your mind is able to
become engaged with
color, shapes, textures, and the flow of paint as you create your
own style of watercolor paintings. Not a prescribed "do it this way" approach, but an
introduction to professional watercolor techniques and doing it
your way with your own
variations and creative expression.
Your mind and emotions will be refreshed by this "something for me" experience. It's a
mini-vacation at your fingertips!
"You Can Do It! ART"
An invitation to do                  
something nice for yourself.
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American Heart Association
This website has extensive
information for Caregivers about  
balancing your rights (to take care
of yourself!), getting help,
responsibilities, rejuvenation and
more. Go to home page, click on
site index and find link
"Caregivers"  under "Diseases &

Great help !
Link to The Caregiver
Resource Room

of Administration
on Aging (AoA) where families,
caregivers, and
professionals can find
information about the
Family Caregiver Support
, including: where you
can turn for support and
assistance, and providing
services to caregivers.