Introduction: Care and Use of Watercolor Materials Lesson: Learn how to get your
painting materials ready to use, and how to keep them fresh and lasting a long time
through many paintings. Learn how to clean and care for brushes, how to choose and use all
watercolor painting materials.

Lesson 1: Wet-on-Wet Watercolor Technique Lesson: Paint a wet-on-wet watercolor and
create a colorful abstract watercolor painting while exploring this essential watercolor

Lesson 2: Creative Brush Strokes Lesson: Learn how to use various kinds of brushes and
try the d
ifferent effects you can get from each one, using different kinds of brush strokes.

Lesson 3: Color Mixing Lesson: Learn how colors mix and how they relate to each other
while you create your own Color Wheel. Learn how to mix all the colors you want for
any painting.

Lesson 4: Introduction to Chinese Brush Painting : Using the principles learned in
Lessons #1-3, learn how to put it all together in simple, dramatic Chinese Brush
Painting. The Chinese Brush Painting lesson demonstrates classic watercolor
applications that can be adapted in dozens of ways.  Create elegant paintings to frame
or use for greeting cards, place cards, scrapbooking, and bunches of other crafts.     

Framing your Art - - Bonus Mini-Lesson: Learn how to see your artwork with fresh eyes
and select
size and areas for framing.

   "You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor
Learn Professional Watercolor Painting Techniques the Fun, Easy Way
DVDs for Fun and Creativity
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"I didn't think
I was artistic,
but I found out
I can paint
after all! It's
Brenna Hall,
age 13
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* Lessons move you from "no experience" to "expressive artist" !   

*  Learn  Watercolor Painting step-by-step with fun, easy DVD video lessons that start
with the beginning basics and move you smoothly into Landscape Painting while you
explore creative ways to paint with watercolor!

*  As you learn these easy but effective professional watercolor painting techniques,
you will discover the colors and styles that are most exciting and reflective of YOU.
There is plenty of room for your individuality and preferences. Explore your creativity
and uniqueness in each painting lesson.

*  Lessons are easy to understand, and build sequentially so you can learn how to
paint without frustration and disappointment.

*  DVD demonstrations are for kids and adults, are easy to follow and fun to learn, and
give you the chance to review the lessons as many times as you wish while you are
practicing the watercolor techniques.

*  The "You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor painting lessons kit has
everything you need to create your  own imaginative, colorful, original watercolor
paintings no matter what your painting experience may be!  

*  Your paintings will be original and suitable for framing!  

Explore the fun of watercolor painting with these relaxing, creative lessons!
DVD # 4 "Autumn, Spring, & Reflections", Lessons 8-10 in the Beginning
Landscape series. More than an hour of landscape demonstrations and
tips for enhancing your paintings with new textures and the fascinating
addition of reflections.  Put excitement in your paintings with these
landscape lessons on color and texture. Three completed landscapes are

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DVD # 5 "Summer, Winter, & Masking",  Lessons 11-13 in the Beginning
Landscape series. Over one hour of demonstrations and tips for painting
summer and winter landscape paintings, using masking. If you finished
Lessons 1-10  you will love the new techniques on this DVD.  An exciting
adventure into color, contrast and masking techniques. Three completed
landscapes are demonstrated.

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DVDs #1 and #2 include E-Book "Getting Started"
DVDs #1 and #2 "Getting Started" do all the demonstrating for you! The e-book
"Getting Started"
includes a printable color wheel to use as you learn color mixing.
Ebook details the step-by-step instructions as you begin your watercolor adventure!
Using the ebook and DVDs together is the recommended way to begin.
An illustrated edition of the e-book  is available in softcover.
Please notice: Lessons are sequential, and build upon one another. If you are a
beginning painter, we recommend beginning with DVD #1 and DVD# 2 to lay the
groundwork for exciting and satisfying painting experiences!
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Sale Price:
DVD # 3 "Skies & Landscape Elements", Lessons 5-7 in the Beginning
Landscape series. Demonstrations of skies and clouds, essential to
dramatic landscapes. Dry brush textures and layering tips for creating
landscape paintings with barns, trees, fences, grasses, and other
foregrounds. If you finished Lessons 1-4 you are really ready to begin
landscapes! Expand your creative painting and gain control with this DVD.
Just as easy, just as fun as the first two!

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Sale Price: