Learn to Paint Watercolor Landscapes the Fun, Easy Way
Beginning Watercolor Landscape Lessons
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"You Can Do It! ART"
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"Beginning Landscapes"  DVD #3,
Lessons 5-7 and three Bonus Mini-Lessons!

DVD # 3, "Skies & Landscape Elements", Lessons 5-7, are a continuation of the Lessons
1-4 in the Beginning Lessons series,"Getting Started", building on the techniques learned
from DVD #1 and DVD #2. Now  you learn how to paint skies and clouds, using new textures,
details, and layering, for your own original watercolor landscape paintings.
Three BONUS mini-lessons for six lessons on one DVD.


Skies, Clouds, Sunsets, Storms Lesson:  Learn how to control  wet-on-wet painting, to
keep it from running all over when you don't want it to!  Create skies for all moods,
backgrounds and seasons, using a variety of painting techniques.

Adding Details Without Fear Mini-Lesson: Learn how to decide what kind of details to
place, and where, in your almost-finished watercolor painting without ruining it by
adding too much! (a slick trick!)

Coaching Mini-Lesson: Understanding Artistic Growing Pains!

Combining Techniques Lesson: Learn how to successfully combine wet and dry
painting techniques as you build landscapes.

Dry Brush Techniques Lesson:  Learn techniques that work for painting rocks, sand,
trees, grasses, fences, old barns, and layer over backgrounds. Add these new
textures to liven up your watercolor paintings.

Mini-Lesson-- Make and use a Cropping Mat: Learn the value of keeping an
adjustable cropping mat handy to adjust your composition and for framing!
"I'm thrilled! I
honestly didn't
think I could do
Ellen Case,
Lessons move you from "no experience" to "expressive artist" !   

 Learn  Watercolor Painting step-by-step with fun, easy DVD video lessons that
start with the beginning basics and move you smoothly into Landscape Painting
while you explore creative ways to paint with watercolor!

*  As you learn these easy but effective professional watercolor painting
techniques, you will discover the colors and styles that are most exciting and
reflective of YOU. There is plenty of room for your individuality and preferences.
Explore your creativity and uniqueness in each painting lesson.

*  Lessons are easy to understand, and build sequentially so you can learn how to
paint without frustration and disappointment.

*  DVD demonstrations are for kids and adults, are easy to follow and fun to learn,
and give you the chance to review the lessons as many times as you wish while you
are practicing the watercolor techniques.

*  The "You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor painting lessons kit has
everything you need to create your  own imaginative, colorful, original watercolor
paintings no matter what your painting experience may be!  

*  Your paintings will be original and suitable for framing!  

Explore the fun of watercolor painting with these relaxing, creative lessons!
DVD # 3 "Skies & Landscape Elements", Lessons 5-7 in the
beginning series. Demonstrations and tips for building landscape
paintings, with emphasis on skies and clouds, essential to dramatic
landscapes. Learn layering and dry brush techniques for trees, barns,
grasses, and other landscape applications. Three bonus
mini-lessons. If you finished Lessons 1-4 you are really ready for this
next step! Expand your creative painting with this DVD. Just as easy,
just as fun as the first two!

Check out DVD #4 and DVD #5
DVD # 3 Skies &
"I saw the most
sunrise today!
It's going to be
my next

Justine Jewell,
age 10
Check out DVD # 4 and DVD #5
"You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor
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