Words to Encourage Budding Watercolor Artists
Whenever any of us begins to learn something new, we need special encouragement along the
way. When looking at artwork, we want to encourage the artist (and sometimes that is me!). So
much goes into creating art, we don't always know what to focus on.

Remember that any creative product, whether it is a watercolor painting, or some other
personal expression, is meaningful to the artist.
Sometimes we don't understand the colors or
forms, but they come from within the soul of the artist! There are so many aspects to painting that
can be appreciated. And we have a wonderful chance to encourage ourselves, and others, when
we appreciate the effort and the creative process that is flowing!

To help you see art with fresh eyes, here are some encouraging comments and questions to
consider in appreciation of your own artwork, and others'.
Are you sometimes at a loss for words?? Here are things
to look at in your own, and others' paintings. Encourage
yourself! Don't over-criticize your work!
     43 Encouraging Comments and Questions for Budding Artists:

1. I especially like the colors in this portion of your painting.
2. Wow, those colors really vibrate!
3. I like the way you made that shadow behind (the item). How did you get that dark color?
4. Those colors look quiet and soft. They make me feel relaxed. How about you?
5. What a nice effect you’ve created here (section of painting).
6. The brush strokes you used are so imaginative!
7. You have a wonderful way of showing boldness with your colors.
8. You have a wonderful way of representing quiet, delicate colors.
9. You have used so many great brush strokes in your painting.
10. The way the colors mix or overlap here are really neat.
11.  You really are brave in trying that technique.  It worked really well for you!
12.  Your painting is very creative. I’ve never seen anything like this before!
13.  Good for you!
14.  This looks like you are really having fun!
15.  Isn’t it great to be able to create something that no one else has ever done just like
16. This area seems to say to me “Party”. What were YOU thinking when you created it?
17. This part looks very mysterious. It reminds me of…..  What does it make you think of?
18. I like the way this color is next to that one (on the paper).
19. I like the idea you started with.
20. I like the way your painting changed from start to finish.
21. I admire the way you just “go with the flow” and make something happen on your paper.
22. This shows a lot of imagination! How fun!
23. This shows you’re not afraid to try!  Good job!
24.  What a great new color! How did you mix that one?  Did it just happen by accident?
25. That’s the fun of watercolor painting, the way colors mix on the paper!
26. One of my favorite things about watercolor painting is just experimenting with colors and
textures. And that’s what you’ve done so well.
27. I like the way nothing is “wrong” in watercolor painting. There are so many effects that
can be painted!
28. It’s great to have tried something new. You’re going to use that in another painting
someday for a special effect.
29. I like seeing so many different textures in your painting.
30. A terrific abstract shape there.
31. I like looking at your painting and finding my own imagination at work. It’s like looking at
the clouds!
32. I like this surprising spot in your painting (here).
33. I like the way my eye goes to this place in your painting.
34. I like trying to guess what this part is all about! What was your idea, or did it just
35. After you look at your painting, what part do you think you’ll use again in another one?
36. How did you make this effect? It’s wonderful.
37. You say it was an accident?  I like the way it adds a surprise element to your painting.
38. You really figured out how to make that “accident” work great in your finished painting!
39. You did a great job in finding a way to use that area that you didn’t like at first!
40. If I were to frame your painting, I’d definitely want this part in it!
41. This is my favorite part of your painting. What’s your favorite part?
42. I see several smaller paintings inside your one big painting!
43. Are you going to frame the whole painting? No? Which part will you frame then?
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