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Families Bond as They Paint Together
"You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor
Welcome  Families!

You are doing important and valuable work,
teaching, nurturing, and encouraging!  
You are looking for balance and personal connections during these busy days.
Here's a creative and affordable way to enjoy your time together!
Round Robin Painting:

Try this fun family game of
painting. Each person has a
piece of watercolor paper and
brush. Set a timer for one or two
minutes. Each person paints
whatever they like. When the
timer runs out, pass your painting
to someone else. Set the timer
again, and add your own touches
to the painting in front of you.
When the timer runs out, pass
the painting again, until everyone
has added something to each
painting. What you have is an
artistic record  of family
togetherness! It can be made into
a collage, or display a different
one each week in a changeable
frame. What a conversation
piece! Painting styles can be
abstract, representational,
impressionistic. It's up to you!  
You may want to designate a
style, or just let it go according to
each person's fancy!
Use a splash or swish of color to express
your feelings. Enjoy the interplay of
colors, shapes, and brushstrokes!
"You Can Do It!"
Time seems so difficult to manage with
children and adults racing from one
obligation or individual activity to
another. We're so busy!! Whatever
happened to family togetherness?

The beginning watercolor lessons in "You
Can Do It! ART"  DVDs teach professional
watercolor techniques while providing  a
relaxed, fun activity that everyone can
do together!
You proceed at your own pace,
according to your chosen time in your own
home with easy-to-learn lessons.

The lessons teach watercolor painting  
techniques with demonstrations, tips, and
encouragement. You will create colorful,
delightful paintings, building
confidence and
satisfying feelings of
accomplishment on
everyone's part..

Emphasis is on personal expression and
individual creativity
, not following directions
to complete someone else's specific scene or
No sense of failure! You are free to
experiment and discover the effects YOU like.
The DVD lessons strongly teach that "nothing
is wrong" while experimenting to learn.

This works great for all ages. The paintings
reflect your own preferences and feelings,
based on your own experiences. These differ
according to age, and gives wonderful
communication opportunities as you explore
watercolor effects and techniques together.

Typical responses to the lessons are, "It's
fun!" "It's so relaxing!" "When can we do this
again?"This is what art is all about, and how it
contributes to a sense of
expression and realization of creativity.

It is a stress-reliever, providing a quiet time
of refocusing and bringing relief from daily

Creating the painting is a rewarding
experience in itself. And when your painting is
completed, it  is a story of your moment in
time, your feelings, your individuality. You will
eagerly look forward to your next lesson to
share experiences that everyone succeeds in.

The DVDs do all the teaching. You don't need
to have any previous art experience to enjoy
these creative adventures together.
Use your favorite colors and
effects, and let your
imagination "grow" the
painting as you explore. The
lessons show you how. It's
easy. It's fun. It's relaxing.

"You Can Do It!"
The kit includes all materials needed. The  DVDs do all the teaching for you, showing you
how to use and take care of the brushes and clean out the paint box. Then simple
demonstrations of each watercolor technique from start to finish are done with relaxing
encouragement, affirmation, and coaching along the way.

These are
relaxing experiences that provide relief from the pressing tasks and
challenges of daily life and academic learning.
Your mind is able to become engaged
color, shapes, textures, and the flow of paint as you create your own style of
watercolor paintings. Not a prescribed "do it this way" approach, but an introduction to the
fun of seeing professional watercolor techniques and doing it
your way with your own
variations and creative expression.
Your mind and emotions will be refreshed by this totally "free to be me" experience with
Do it together!
"You Can Do It! ART"
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