Popcorn and Painting!    Family Fun and No TV!!
Family Reunion enjoys "You Can Do It! ART" at the
Oregon Coast
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"You Can Do It! ART"
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"You Can Do It! ART"-- Watercolor
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Kristin Bean
Patrick Johns and
daughter Julie with
their first watercolor
Eric Bean with his first
watercolor landscape
Shannon Johns
Shannon and Julie
enjoy their first ever
landscape painting
One watercolor lesson
produces a dozen variations,
according to each person's
own creativity, color
preferences, composition, and

The fun of painting together is
the shared experience of
experimenting with watercolor
brush strokes, shapes, and
textures. Each new painting is
a whole new experience.

These family members were
painting for the first time ever!
Kristin's early enthusiasm for
the ease and fun of watercolor
painting recruited others to
join her!
Children and adults paint
Kristin, Eric, and Julie
finish up
Family Fun
Loraine and Tim
Shannon, Westin, and
Great variety!
Vince considers
cropping and framing,
discovered he had two
paintngs in one.
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