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 All-time Favorite Party Games for Kids
Here are favorite, time-tested games relating to Kandu and the Magic Meadow.
For your party, or just for family fun anytime!

1."Hide and Seek".  Kandu and his friends played "Hide and Seek" in the dark rainforest. Always a favorite
with young children, the game can be played inside or outside. To add more excitement, the seeker uses a
flashlight while looking in a dark room for friends, hiding like the toucans. When found, the seeker and the
"found one" hoot and make noise like toucans. (There are party noisemakers available from a party shop
which make the sounds of discovered hoots or clatters. I found some that really are quite close to a toucan
"croaking" sound.)

Toucan Treasure Hunt. Print out toucan characters from Placecard page. On each card, write a clue for
the child to look to find a special treat in another place. Hide the cards. Tell the children each one will find a
card with a clue on it. When he/she finds a card, they go to the place their clue card sends them to find their
own special treat. After a child has found his/her treat, they can help another child look for theirs. Provide at
least one treat per child, so that everyone has a treasure.

Colorful Toucan Contest. Read the story of Kandu to the children. Give each child a toucan pattern to
paint or color. Tell children it is a rainforest game, to see which toucans will show up in their dark rainforest
home. (All of them will, when you shine the light on them.)  When children are finished coloring or painting
their toucans, invite them to a sit in a circle in a dark-ish room. Have them all hold up their toucans. Shine a
spotlight (flashlight), as in the story of Kandu, on each one, one at a time. (This adds drama and fun to the
usual kind of contest style.) Have a prize ready for each toucan, and a grand prize if you choose. Categories
can be: "Most like a Rainbow", "Brightest", "Most colors", "Most Creative", "Most blended Colors", "Most
Unusual", or other categories. Take your cues from the comments of the children! They will love it. Let
children tell the names of their toucans. (This adds one more category: "Best Name'!)

Catch a Toucan If You Can. This is a variation of the old stand-by "Drop the Handerkerchief". Children
stand in a circle. One person is chosen to carry the
toucan cut-out around the outside of the circle, behind
the children's backs. The toucan is dropped behind a child. That child must pick up the toucan from behind
his back, and chase the first child around the circle until the first child arrives at the place vacated by the
chaser. If the child is caught, he/she repeats the action, dropping the toucan behind a different child, who
then chases the child. If the child arrives safely in the vacated space without being tagged, the tagged child
then takes the turn of dropping the toucan. (If you prefer, you can make a "toucan" object to drop instead of
the paper cutout. Use a handkerchief tied around a lollipop inside it for the head. Use a marking pen to draw
eyes on the "head" of the handkerchief toucan). The lollipop toucan can be awarded to a child when the
game is over, depending on what happens in the game (your decision!).

For more party activities and instructions demonstrated for your children by a friendly 8-year-old, order the
Magic Meadow Companion Activities DVD designed to complement the book, Kandu and the Magic