Make one-of-a-kind greeting cards from your original watercolor
Donna Gardepe's example is here:
Welcome "You Can Do It! ART"
creative artist !
"You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor
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"You Can Do It! ART"
Here's how you do it:

Use good watercolor paper.

Cut to size. Fold it in half.

Open the paper and lay it flat. Tape it to the board, as usual. Now tape
along the fold line in the center of your paper. This creates your white
border around the painting which you will paint on the front of the card.

Paint an abstract, impressionistic, or realistic painting for the front of your
card. It's your style!

Let paint dry.

Remove tape from around your painting.

You can write inside the folded card, or slip a piece of white paper cut to
size inside and write on it. Be sure to
sign your name on your greeting card
painting! It is original artwork!

Here's an example from Donna Gardepe, a "You Can Do It! ART" student.
She painted both sides, put a piece of tape on it to secure it, and addressed
the opposite side of the card, sending it without an envelope. Brave! The
Post Office did a pretty good job of keeping it in good shape. Isn't it

Thank you for sharing your creation with us, Donna!