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Make greeting cards with prints of your original watercolor
Welcome "You Can Do It! ART"
creative artist !
"You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor
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"You Can Do It! ART"
Here's how you do it:

Buy blank white invitations from your local printer or stationery store. Ones
with raised inside borders are especially good-looking.Matching envelopes
are also available.

Take your painting to a copy machine that allows you to resize your painting
to any size you need that will fit within the border of the invitations you

Make multiple color copies on one sheet (someone at UPS Store, Staples,
etc., can help you figure out how many you can get on one piece of color
copy paper).

Cut out the small prints and glue them (rubber cement or a glue stick works
well) in the center of the bordered opening. The border inset creates a
framed effect around your print.

Sign your name in the border on the front of each card for a personal touch.
This also highlights that it is your personal original artwork.

That's it!

This can be done in any number of sizes.  Birthday invitations, Christmas
cards, place cards for dinner table seating, etc.
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