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A Happy, Therapeutic approach to Watercolor Painting!
"You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor
Welcome Health Care Professionals and Caregivers! It is with great appreciation
and admiration for the work you do to assist, nurture, and encourage others
that we dedicate these pages to YOU!
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The beginning watercolor lessons in "You Can Do It! ART"  DVD series are demonstrated simply
and in a
relaxed manner, taking into account physical limitations a painter may have.

The lessons teach watercolor painting  techniques that are
easily learned and bring forth colorful,
delightful paintings, building
confidence and satisfying feelings of accomplishment.

Emphasis is on personal expression and individual creativity, not following directions to
complete a specific scene or format.

The painter uses the techniques to freely paint whatever colors, brush strokes, textures, and effects
are desired. Truly an individual creation that flows out of the inner person, not dictated by anyone
else! This is what art is all about, and how it contributes to a sense of
personal satisfaction and

Painting can sometimes release and express what words cannot.
It allows expression of
emotions, experiences, and sensations on a level that often cannot be verbalized. Victims of trauma
or persons with physical, mental, or emotional struggles often find relief and joy through their artistic
expressions in colors, textures, and shapes.

It is a
stress-reliever, providing a quiet time of focusing on the amazing changes of color and form
on the watercolor paper.

It is reported that during and even after the painting experience, physical and emotional
pain is reduced, sometimes going almost unnoticed.

Creating the painting is an experience in itself. But also, when the painting is completed, it  becomes
an avenue of
self-discovery and truly a conversation piece for relating to others.
The kit includes all materials needed. DVDs do all the teaching for you, from showing
residents how to take care of the brushes and clean out the paint box, and
demonstrating each watercolor technique from start to finish, with encouragement and
coaching an integral part of the teaching.

For persons who may have difficulty  holding a brush handle, there are
cushioned sleeves available
to slip over the brush handles. Just request this
special item when you order the kit. They will be included free of charge.
Idaho Health Care Association
professionals at fall 2007
conference test
"You Can Do It!
lessons and have a ball creating
unique watercolor paintings! "It's
relaxing!"  "It's fun!" they said.
See Assisted Living Residents
enjoying their first watercolor
Activities Directors and facility Administrators explore watercolor
painting techniques for their residents during the workshop.
Art for

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Deluxe KIt with
all painting
materials and
beginning DVDs
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