Art in all
Art Enhances Learning in All Subject Areas
"You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor
Welcome Homeschoolers and Students of all ages!
Art is a natural part of every subject!
Science: observation, color, shape,
size,  behavior, recording, diagrams,
illustrations, features, record-keeping.  
Study the features in the photo above. Is
it easier to draw/paint it-- or to describe
in words how it looks (no fair using your
hands while you talk!)
Sometimes a drawing records details
better than a description. (Isn't that what
we mean when we say "a picture is worth
a thousand words"?)
Homeschooling is a demanding and
rewarding experience. Your focus is to
provide excellent education and enrichment
for your students, to meet or exceed college
entrance requirements, and to promote
lifelong learning.
 Art  experiences
contribute much toward these goals,
especially for the reluctant or struggling

To help you, the "You Can Do It! ART"  DVDs
teach professional watercolor techniques in
relaxed, creative sessions that are easily
applied in subjects
throughout your
curriculum studies.

Using art in the process of learning, by
illustrating, diagraming, drawing, or some
other creative expression
personalizes the
subject matter and helps it "stick"!

Combining art experiences with subjects like
math, science, geography, and reading
enhances your students' understanding and
engages them in ways beyond the traditional
curriculum left-brain approach to learning.  
For students who are more
right-brain-dominant in their thinking and
learning style, integrating art in other subjects
refreshing and energizing, and feels
like a life-line
(for both you and your

With "You Can Do It! ART" lessons, you learn
professional watercolor techniques that stand
alone as
fine arts lessons. Emphasis is on  
individual expression and creativity.
sense of failure
!  The DVD lessons strongly
teach, "Be adventurous, nothing is wrong;
you're experimenting to learn."

Finally, the watercolor lessons, used just for
creative art purposes, give emotional relief
from stress that can build up during "brain
stretch" in academic studies. Sometimes the
brain needs
relief from mental challenges!
Relaxing, fun, creative art provides it.

The lessons work for students of all ages.
The DVDs do all the teaching. You don't need
to have any previous art experience to learn
how to use watercolors to paint expressively
enrich learning times.
Math: patterns, shapes,
numbers, problem solving,
geometry, proportions, graphs,
fractions, architecture
"You Can Do It! ART"
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Combining Art with other subjects gives students new ways of thinking and
understanding in Math, Science, History, Reading, Literature, and more!
Be inspired by  beautiful
illustrations in
Caldecott Award
 Get these books from your
local library and enjoy the variety
of artistic styles. These unique
illustrations will inspire imagination,
a love of art, books, and reading!
2008 Caldecott
Award book,
The Invention of
Hugo Cabret
Reading: Great art illustrations
inspire a love for books, develop
reading readiness, stimulate
observation, enhance reading
comprehension, inspire
imagination and inquisitiveness.
Ary shows her
kitty what she
learned and
Creative Writing:  Imagination is
activated by color and artistic
arrangement of shapes and textures.
Here is an example of using a story for
a "jumping off point" for
creative writing
that is inspired by a love of color and