How Kandu Got His Colors
a do-it-yourself color mixing story starter!

This is a variation of the story Kandu and the Magic Meadow with two of the
illustrations taken from the picture book. It's here for you to use as a "story starter" to
help children write their own stories.
Write your own story of Kandu. Fill in the missing parts with your own details, mix colors, and paint
Kandu according to your story.  Below are links to toucan drawings if you want them for your painting.

 Black and white Kandu to paint                 OR

 Outline drawing of Kandu (no black )
"You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor
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"You Can Do It! ART"

Once upon a time, a really, REALLY long time ago, there lived a small number of
toucans in a dark rainforest. Although they were lovely birds, toucans at that time had no colors.
They were black, like their dark rainforest home. In fact, they could hardly find each other among
the shadows of the trees. Sometimes they blended into the darkness and almost completely

But other times a sliver of light would peek through the dark leafy ceiling, shine on a snowy white bib
or large white bill, and give away the quiet toucans' secret hiding places. Suddenly then you would
hear surprised toucans whistling, squawking, and hooting hilariously!  As you can imagine, the
toucans had an exciting time playing "Hide and Seek" in the shadows.

Kandu liked playing these games, but he was a more curious kind of toucan. He noticed everything
around him. He liked seeing water droplets glistening on leaves after a rain shower. He wondered
what made them so colorful and shiny.

He wondered where the magic place was where these glowing colors grew. He wished he knew!

                                                                                       Next... you write the rest of the story, using
your imagination, your characters, your settings, and your idea of what happens at the end!
                                                                                                  HAVE FUN!
Read, Listen, and Mix Colors for Fun Family Activity
29-page ebook and all painting
materials are included with
DVD Lessons
Kandu and the Magic Meadow teaches color mixing through this imaginative
and colorfully illustrated story, and includes a smorgasbord of fun learning and
party activities for families and classrooms. Check out the
Magic Meadow pages
for free printouts that supplement the book's activities.
Now make your own toucan colors to go
with your story!
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