Toucans Try Out Their New Colors
Written by YOU
Illustrated by YOU

Paint Kandu (or one of his friends) just the way YOU want!
"You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor
A Fun Family Activity of Mixing Colors

Here are two toucan paintings done by Etta Donivan, who is pictured above sitting between her
friend Babe and me.  Etta is my wonderful 88-year-young mother-in-law who loves to paint and
quilt and garden and tell stories to children and...the list goes on.  You can see that she had fun
painting these toucans with her own mix of colors and different textures. She has her own story to
go along with her choice of colors. Etta was an elementary school teacher for many years and
continues to create an abundance of delightful times sharing her many talents with her family,
especially her nine great-grandchildren.

Etta inspired the ideas behind the story of
 Kandu and the Magic Meadow.  Read the story,
write your own, as Etta did.  Or... do both!

You can do It!!  Let your imagination carry you away with all sorts of colors! It's fun! Share it with a
friend or family member.

Each person in the family will have a different idea of colors, and their reasons why. Think how
many stories you will have to tell each other!  

Have fun!!
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"You Can Do It! ART"
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Faith Matson painted this toucan,
named Joe-Man the Toucan, and
wrote a story about him.