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"You Can Do It! ART" Publications
"You Can Do It! ART"

A Children's Picture Storybook and DVD  for ages 4 to 9,
With fun activities that build on your child's natural creativity,
socialization, and curiosity for learning.
Picture Storybook with Creative Learning
Activities                                 and Companion DVD
Fun Family Magic
Meadow Painting
Kandu and the Magic Meadow is a charming read-aloud
for families, and a great resource for teachers looking for
an entertaining story with unusual characters and
applications for further learning.

Kandu, a curious toucan, longs for more color in his dark
rainforest home. He takes a risk, and with determination, he
discovers a colorful new world that transforms him and his
toucan clan forever. The story engages children with
captivating language and brilliantly colored illustrations as
Kandu seeks the answers to his yearning questions.

This happy tale of exploration, changes, and acceptance
engages appreciation of friendship, and stimulates creativity
with art, science, social studies, drama, and language
activities associated with the story.   

"I hope you will have as much fun
doing these things with your
children as I do with my students
and grandchildren. I have a BALL!

Have fun, and cherish the day!"
Magic Meadow Companion DVD


DVD has these segments:
An entertaining musical rendition of the story.
The author talks to kids, giving them tips on
story-writing and illustrating.
Demonstrations by a lively 8-year old, showing color
mixing, the color wheel, and other hands-on activities
for hours of creative learning and fun.
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Book and DVD set
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