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Beginning Watercolor Painting DVD video Lessons and  Kits      
 We'll show you how easy and fun it is!     "You Can Do It!"

Great pricing on watercolor paper, paints, brushes and painting supplies used in
"You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor painting lessons kit to create your  own
imaginative, colorful, original watercolor paintings no matter what your painting  
experience may be! Replenish your supplies, and add extra pieces for family and        
friends to explore the fun of watercolor painting with you!
Strathmore 140 lb. watercolor paper pad. 12 Sheets.
Same paper that is included in the
"You Can Do It! ART"-
kit. Cold press, acid-free, professional grade
tear-off sheets. Size 11" X 15 "

Item # WCP-S11      $7.15  

Prang  8-color semi-moist Paint set
with round camel hair brush, size 6. Lid may be used as palette
for mixing colors. You will paint beautiful watercolor paintings,
while using this simple 8-color paintbox. This gives you a chance
to begin your watercolor painting explorations without the big
expense of tube paints! The techniques work very well with these
above-average paints. Other paints may look similar, but do not
have the saturation qualities of the ones we have in the kit. Your
experience is guaranteed!

Item # PWC-8      $4.65
Soft Grip 3/4" flat brush.
Soft Golden Taklon bristles professional brush

Item # BR-F-3-4     $3.55
Soft Grip round brush
Size 10, soft Golden Taklon bristles professional brush

Item # BR-R10      $3.55
Soft-Grip liner/rigger brush
Size 2, soft Golden Taklon bristles professional brush

Item # BR-L2      $3.55
Round watercolor sponge.
Soft synthetic sponge for watercolor painting and other
painting techniques. About 3" diameter

Item # SS3       $ .65
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"I didn't think
I was artistic,
but I found out
I can paint
after all! It's
Brenna Hall,
age 13
Prang 8-color Paint Set Refill
Remove used-up paint tray from paintbox, and just snap this one
in to start fresh!  You still have the lid to use for mixing colors!

Item # PWCR-8      $2.75
Painting Board for Watercolor Paper
Size 12" X 17"  Just the right size for taping 11X15
watercolor paper to. Lightweight, easy to manage and
store. Smooth white waterproof surface. Recommended in
"You Can Do It! ART" Watercolor lessons DVD.

Item # BB13     $4.75
Painting Board and Masking Tape
No need to hunt for tape and a suitable board. We make it
easy for you.  Here it is!  Same 12" X 17" board shown
above, plus roll of  1-inch masking tape.

Item #BBT      $6.85
"You Can Do It! ART"
Individual Watercolor Supplies
Paint Brush Sleeves
For greater ease and comfort holding brushes for hands that
are subject to cramps or arthritis. These cushion-y sleeves
enlarge small brush handles and conform to the shape of the
hand. Sleeves can be slid up and down the handle to
accommodate the painter for the most comfortable position.

Item # PBS     set of  2 for  $1.00   
(Paintbrush sold separately)
"You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor
Sunrise Services Distributing, LLC
Practice Paper, 90 lb.
Deluxe Kit