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The Parable
of Kandu

Book Preview
Extend the creativity of The Parable of Kandu with Watercolor Painting Kit of
Beginning Lessons. Demonstration DVDs, e-Book, and all painting materials are
"You Can Do It! ART"
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The Parable of Kandu  Book Preview Video
More than just an entertaining story,
this special edition of  "Kandu and the Magic Meadow"
reveals its hidden theme of seeking and finding abundant life in Jesus Christ.

The explanation of the story's parable and related Bible verses are revealed
at the end of the book in a personalized letter to children
with the gospel of Jesus Christ, adding depth and richness to this happy tale
children and adults will enjoy reading again and again.
Children learn what a parable is, and relate to important truths from God's Word about the
changes and blessings which come to those who seek Him.
A 32-page picture storybook for ages 4 and up.
29-page e-book "Getting
Started "comes with your
Deluxe Kit!
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