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Marilee Donivan's newest
book! For encouragement,
comfort, and spiritual help
during trials and doubts.  
FAITH  Refined
Holding On When Life
is Falling Apart
What do you do when everything you've counted on suddenly shifts and reshapes your
life with unwelcome changes? Here's help.

Marilee Donivan describes her journey through two life-and-death crises with two
very different outcomes. Her experiences of loss, devastation, and restoration showed
her that God is always present, always loving, and wise in His ways, even during times
of  doubt.

For those in painful trials, sorrow, or hopelessness,
 FAITH Refined  is a book of
encouragement, comfort, and counsel, based on biblical truths. Holding onto faith and
reclaiming stability is lived out in this compelling personal narrative and gives clear
examples of the practical application of faith during trying times.

Though the path is dark and your vision is sometimes obscured, God is with you in
your stumbling steps—to stretch your faith, heal your broken heart, restore your joy,
ultimately crown you with victory.

The Parable of Kandu  Book Preview Video
            More than just an entertaining story,
this special edition of  "Kandu and the Magic Meadow"
reveals its hidden theme of seeking and finding abundant life
in Jesus Christ. Perfect for ages 4 and up.
The story follows Kandu, a lively toucan, who leaves his dark
rainforest home and discovers a wonderful place of beauty
and light. After a delightful romp with surprises along the way,
Kandu returns home to share the good news with his friends.

The explanation of the story's parable and related Bible verses are
revealed at the end of the book in a personalized letter to children
with the gospel of Jesus Christ, adding depth and richness to this
happy tale children and adults will enjoy reading again and again.
Children love the colors and learn through the parable, as they relate
to important truths from God's Word about the changes and blessings
which come to those who seek Him.

Enjoy the video preview, below!
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