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Paint Kandu (or one of his friends, or something else) just the way YOU want!
"You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor
Write a Story About Changing Colors

Sometimes it's fun to paint first, then write the story. You can do it that way if you want to.
             Other times, it's fun to think up the story first, and then paint.  
                                             You choose!

  As you think about your story, ask yourself these questions:

1. Is it going to be about a toucan, or a different animal or person, a season, or something else?

2. What color is my character in the beginning of my story?

3. How does he/she feel about his/her colors?

4. What happens to make the colors change in my story?

5. How does he/she react  when the colors change?

6. What does my character do with his/her new colors?  Do they help him/her in a special way? Do
they help others in some way?

7. Does my character want to stay with the new colors, or go back to his/her old color?


If you don't want to paint an animal, think of something else that would be fun to
imagine                                            a different color, and write about that.


Paint your painting on good watercolor paper to get the best flow of colors.

You can mix the colors first in the tray of your paintbox, or a plastic lid, and then put them on your

You can mix the colors by dropping new paint onto paint that is still wet on your painting
(wet-on-wet technique).  If you want them to mix, the paint on the paper needs to still be wet. This
takes some practice. But it sure is fun!

If you need to keep the paint in one place, without running all over, let the paint dry before you
add paint next to that color.

You can do It!!  Let your imagination carry you away with all sorts of colors! It's fun! Share it with a
friend or family member.

Each person in the family will have a different idea of colors, and their reasons why. Think how
many stories you will have to tell each other!  

Have fun!!
"You Can Do It! ART"
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