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                Wonderful Watercolor Expressions in the
"You Can Do It! ART"  Student Art Gallery
Lauren McMurray   age 13. Lauren completed the first 4 DVD video lessons in
the "Getting Started" Watercolor Painting series, and says what she really likes
about "You Can Do It! ART" is how the lessons give her freedom to paint her own
way--to paint what
she wants and feels! She painted twelve paintings in all and
shows us her favorites. Lauren likes to paint using bold bright colors. Here are two
of her paintings that she did during the first four lessons. Lauren says, "When I
look at this painting I think of flowing, with some party in it!"
"When I painted this, it was a hot summer day, so of course I thought of
Invitation to New Watercolor Painters:
Faith Matson, 6 years old, painted this wet-on-wet
abstract painting. (She also happens to have designed
and painted the wall behind her for her bedroom)! She
says, "I like wet-on-wet painting because I find surprises
in my painting. I see an alligator with a purple tail and a
party hat!"
We would love to show YOUR creative watercolor paintings in the "You Can
Do It! ART" Student Gallery. Please send us your photos and tell us a little
about yourself!  
Send us your photos at

Or send us a paper copy. We will scan it and digitize it for the website.

We look forward to hearing from you!
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Ellen Case, a great-grandmother, painted these roses as she continued to
practice new watercolor techniques, using primarily  wet-on-wet painting to get
delicate shading in the rose petals. Then after it dried, she added the fern using the
liner brush.
"You Can Do It! ART"
Ellen learned sometimes paintings are made in unexpected ways!  She painted
an autumn scene on a larger sheet of paper (not shown here).  
After she finished the big one, she discovered she had this smaller one as well,
which she had used as a test paper to try out colors and the form of the man!
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"You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor