Families Paint Together for  the
"You Can Do It! ART"  Student Art Gallery
Invitation to New Watercolor Painters:
We would love to show YOUR creative watercolor paintings in the "You
Can Do It! ART" Student Gallery. Please send us your photos and tell us a
little about yourself!  
Send us your photos at

Or send us a paper copy. We will scan it and digitize it for the website.

We look forward to hearing from you!
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Gallery Room 2
Maddie Jewell, age 13, painted this underwater scene
during Lesson 2, Brushstrokes. She says, "I like the way
the paint adds texture when I use it thickly. My favorite part
of the lessons is getting an idea in my head about what I
want to paint, and getting to just go with it and letting it turn
Aryanna Hammersmith, age 6, shows her painting
to her kitty. She says, "I like the brushstrokes shapes
and the things they can make with the reddish-orange I
just made".
Justine Jewell, age 10, says, "I saw the reflection
of my eye in a spoon and I just had to paint it!" Here it

Justine told her Grandma about a beautiful sunrise
she saw on her way to school, she said, "That's our
next painting!"  Coincidentally, her grandma just
happened to see the same sunrise and had taken
multiple photographs of it that morning!    Happy
Jeanne Hammond, grandmother of Maddie,
Aryanna, and Justine, paints with the girls. She says,
"I'm having a blast at the experimentation stage. I
learn by doing. I like the video because I can work
while you're talking and can review parts of the DVD
when we want to. I like the flexibility."
Jeanne's brushstroke experimentation is shown here
at right..
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Grandmother and girls enjoying a day of creative painting together.
"You Can Do It! ART"
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Jeanne went on to paint her first landscape,
shown here.
Then she experimented
with combining watercolor
and pastels for a greeting
"You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor