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Seniors in Assisted Living Express Themselves in Watercolors for the
"You Can Do It! ART"  Student Art Gallery
Invitation to New Watercolor Painters:
We would love to show YOUR creative watercolor paintings in the "You Can
Do It! ART" Student Gallery. Please send us your photos and tell us a little
about yourself!
 Send us your photos at

Or send us a paper copy. We will scan it and digitize it for the website.

              We look forward to hearing from you!
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Gallery Room 4
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"You Can Do It! ART"
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Helen, left, with brush in hand, has taken on
teaching other rehab and assisted living
residents in her facility, after doing the DVD
beginning watercolor lessons herself on her
own. Mary, shown below, is enjoying her first
ever watercolor painting, painting expressive
brush strokes under Helen's friendly
instruction, and using her favorite colors.
Mary Cloud, 72, said, "I guess it was inside me,
and I didn't even know it!"
Here she is, with two of
the four paintings she did one afternoon.  (click
on photos to enlarge)
Gail, 52, a resident with Alzheimer's, painted with the brush strokes
lesson.  In spite of conventional thought that Alzheimer's sufferers
can't focus on this type of activity, Gail created this painting in one
Seniors enjoy creative outlet and freedom of expression as they paint
together using the DVD watercolor video lessons.
Helen Kirby, 84, shows her first two paintings, done
during the abstract wet-on-wet and Brushstrokes lessons
on DVD #1.
"I can scarcely contain myself, it's so much fun!" she says.
"I feel so alive!"
"You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor