Inspiring self-confidence, creative expression, and joy

"Dear Marilee,
When I first mentioned to my three seventh grade boys that we would be having
some special art lessons, they were too polite to groan, but roll their eyes they did.
The three boys were so different-- one an athlete, one a shy computer-focused
introvert, and the third a hardworking backwoods country boy with no aesthetic
experience.  Marilee, you changed their worlds. The painting classes you taught were
easy to follow and fun to do. Each boy reached out in his own direction to create
meaning and beauty. Their art times became a reward for the rest of the year!
They were even able to combine their art with music and intertwine it with their
other lessons. I am so thrilled you have decided to package your lessons to build the
creative process in others."
S. Miller, teacher, Libby, Montana

"A teacher who can arouse a feeling for one single good action, for one single good
poem, accomplishes more than the one who fills our memory with rows on rows of
natural objects, classified with name and form."    -- Goethe --
Thanks for being such a good teacher for our Elizabeth. Your kindness, courage
and strength will touch her life forever. Thank you for being you."
Mels, Rob, and Elizabeth, McCall, Idaho

"This is not Marilee Donivan’s first time to give art instruction from a distance.
While I was living in Fairbanks, Alaska, I mentioned with a sigh I had always
wished I could paint.  She insisted my desire was all I needed and enthusiastically
took the challenge from 1,000 miles away! She recorded her instructions for me
on a cassette tape and sent a portfolio of visual aids to get me started painting.  
I’ve been painting ever since, and have even exhibited and sold my watercolors.
Dreams do come true!"
                   E. Case, Portland, Oregon
What Others Say:
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"Painting can bring beauty and meaning to one's own private world. A relaxed approach to artistic
self-expression brings forth joy, is therapeutic, fun, and meaningful. Art comes forth from one's own unique
experiences and responses to people, places, and things. This is what is so satisfying about not just looking at
art, but MAKING art! Art is an extremely personal
experience!"                                                                                                                                               --
Marilee Donivan
"You Can Do It! ART"
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Student Art Gallery
"I'm having a blast at the experimentation stage, painting with my grandchildren. I
learn by doing. I like the videos because I can work while you (Marilee) are talking
and can review parts on the DVD when we want to. I can fit a time schedule that
works for us. When we're feeling relaxed or creative, we can paint THEN. I like
the flexibility of being able to paint without having to find a time and a class to
drive to."
-- Jeanne Hammond, Boise, ID
"I like this compared to what I did in school because there's no pressure to get it
fast like at school when it has to be done and done the teacher's way . I can
paint because I
want to, not because I have to! The thing I enjoy is that I can do
this at my own pace, my way! In an art class if you don't understand the art
teacher you have to wait to ask your question. With the DVD, I can just go back and
review it right away. The basics are there, and there's time to get it right before
going on to the next step.  It's relaxing. I like that."  -- Chris Hall, age 15, Boise, ID
Watching my kids paint with the DVD instruction, it looks easy and fun, and I'm
going to try it too! It's great to have these painting lessons right in my home where
anyone can paint when we're ready. And what a help to have all the materials in the
kit!"  --Jan Hall, mother of 5, Boise ID
"I didn't think I was artistic, but I found out I can paint after all! It's fun!  
--Brenna Hall, age 13
"This is so much fun. I can scarcely contain myself. I feel so alive!"  Helen Kirby, 84
"You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor
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