Beginning Watercolor
"Skies and Clouds" Lesson
video clips
"You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor
DVD #2 "Getting Started"
Lesson 5  is "Skies and Landscape Elements"
Here are some short clips taken from this DVD lesson:
(The actual lesson is much longer!)

(Please allow a few moments for video to load.) While you're waiting, you
can read about Lesson 5, below
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Watercolor video Clip from DVD #3
"Skies & Landscape Elements"
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"You Can Do It! ART"
Please note that
this is a very short
portion of the
lesson material,
just enough to give
you a "flavor".
Actual lessons
have much more
instruction and tips
DVD #3 is "Skies and Landscape Elements".   The video clip above shows the first part of
the first lesson on skies and clouds, using a watercolor wash that lightens as the paint is
brought down from the top of the paper by adding more and more water on the brush. The
paint flows down the paper which is angled and supported by the watercolor paint board it is
mounted on. Then cloud shapes are blotted out with paper towels or tissues. This is an easy
and fun way of creating clouds while the paint is still very wet. Other cloud/sky painting
techniques are demonstrated on the DVD as well.

Also on the DVD are demonstrations of layering dry paint over skies to build a landscape. Dry
brush techniques for old wood, trees, barns, rocks, dry shrubs, sand, etc.

And a clever way of confidently adding fine details to your painting. Voila!
Also available: Deluxe Beginning Watercolor Kit
Free 29-page e-book "Getting
Started" is part of your Deluxe Kit
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