Deluxe Watercolor Painting Kit Video

Item # DWCK-1   

"You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor painting Deluxe Kit has everything
you need to get started and to be successful!
  Includes 3 professional brushes,
paintbox with extra brush, Introductory Lesson on how to care for materials, 4
Lessons of Demonstrations and Instruction on 2  DVDs (nearly two hours of
instruction).  Also 29-page ebook (download to your computer and print out for easy
reference), art sponge, and professional 140 lb. watercolor paper pad of 12 sheets.
Plus  13" X 17" Painting Board and masking tape for taping down watercolor paper,
as shown in your first lesson.  With the Watercolor Painting Kit, you are ready to go!

A 29-page e-book download is included in your Deluxe Kit!

(You will receive the e-book by email after you complete
your Kit purchase.)

 What if I want to paint with a friend or in a group?
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"You Can Do It! ART"
"I didn't think
I was artistic,
but I found out
I can paint
after all! It's
Brenna Hall,
age 13
Watercolor Kit
"Deluxe Second Painter" supplies Kit

Same supplies as in the Second Painter kit , with paints, brushes,
and sponge, plus the 12" X 16" painting board, masking tape, and
140 lb. professional-grade watercolor paper, size 11' X 15". These
are all the items that are in the "You Can Do It! ART" Deluxe
painting kit, but without the DVDs or ebook. This kit is suited
additional painters in a household or friends who paint together!

Item # DSPK1  
Best Beginning Watercolor Supplies for Best Results
   "You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor
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