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Extend the fun of Kandu and the Magic Meadow with Watercolor Painting Kit of
Beginning Lessons. Demonstration DVDs, e-Book, and all painting materials are included!
"You Can Do It! ART"
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  Watch video preview of a toucan story book

Kandu and the Magic Meadow Story Book
Build on your child's love of color, creativity, and natural curiosity for learning with
this lively story. Then add the Watercolor Kit for a great gift set!

A 32-page picture storybook for ages 4-9.
Colorful illustrations and fun descriptive language tell the story of Kandu, a curious
toucan, who longs for more color in his dark rainforest home. He follows a darting
sunbeam to a surprising meadow where his color-mixing explorations add vibrant
color to his black and white feathers and bill. The toucan clan follows him in a noisy
creative adventure that transforms them all. In the process, they experience a whole
new way of looking at things.

Your child will be entertained and taught by the lively toucans and their playful

Related to the story are creative learning activities in color-mixing, writing,
vocabulary, science, art, drama, friendships, and more.

Video of a real keel-billed toucan: