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"You Can Do It! ART"
Discover how Easy, how Fun, how Creative Watercolor Painting Is!
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"You Can Do It! ART"--Watercolor
Easy;, fun watercolor
techniques are in
Beginning Watercolor
Painting lessons for
assisted living residents.
Helen created an
abstract watercolor
painting in her first
watercolor session on the
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Watercolor Painting
Lessons are fun.
Painters try their
hand at their own
landscape paintings
using techniques
from the kit's DVD
Children and adults have fun with
the watercolor lessons,
experimenting with the painting
techniques, creating their own
abstract art, florals, and
After DVD Lessons of
Beginning Watercolor
Techniques, Jeanne
painted greeting cards
and a watercolor
paintings come from
the  painting lessons.
Budding artists are
justifiably proud of
their creative
Assisted Living
Residents learn
how to paint in
watercolors and
find out how
much fun it is!
Beginning watercolor painting
techniques are fun and easy enough
for children to do. But they are also
professional watercolor painting
techniques ! Children also learn how
to  clean up and take care of art
Adults can quickly learn
watercolor painting
techniques in Lessons 1-4 on
DVDs in the Watercolor
Painting Lessons Kit. Then
move on to do Beginning
Landscapes in Watercolor,
using the professional
techniques and special
effects in Beginning
Landscape Lessons on DVDs
3, 4, and 5. Great fun!
Beginning Watercolor Painting Lesson are on DVDs.
Watercolor Painting Kit has paints, professional brushes,
professional watercolor paper, sponge, backing board,
and tape--all the art materials needed to make beautiful
watercolor paintings, even as a beginner. Lessons are just
right for beginning watercolor painters. Never fear! It's
easy. It's fun! Watercolor materials are at discount prices
to make it affordable to get started. An instruction
manual is included for further reference.
Watercolor Painting
Lessons for families
are fun activities to do
Beginning Watercolor Painting Lessons Kit