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                                        ~Easy DVD Lessons for beginning watercolor painters             
                       ~Beginning Painting Lessons for young and old                                 
                       ~ Watercolor Lessons for homeschool and classrooms
                       ~Watercolor Painting for patients and caregivers
                       ~Painting expressively for emotional and physical therapy
          ~ Professional brushes and paper are in the Beginning Watercolor Kit.
          ~The DVD lessons bring out your unique creativity.
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          ~You will create your own one-of-a-kind paintings to be proud of!

"You Can Do It! ART"-Watercolor  painting video DVD lesson series uses principles of painting and
techniques that encourage
your unique perspective and expressiveness.  Watercolor painting is a free-flowing
adventure in color, textures, and form.
This splash into beginning watercolor painting will show you how
creative you really are!  

Using affordable professional art materials, "You Can Do It! ART"-Watercolor painting kits begin with
care of materials lessons for very
beginning watercolor artists, and move sequentially to beginning watercolor
lessons in more DVD video demonstrations. Professional watercolor paper and brushes in the kit are the
basis for getting beautiful watercolor paintings, while using a simple 8-color paintbox.  
This exploration gives the
beginner a chance to try the watercolor painting experience without the big expense of tube watercolor paints.
techniques work very well with these above-average paints (some other paintbox paints look similar, but do not have
the saturation qualities of the ones we have in the kit).

Each watercolor painting lesson
builds confidence and skills while demonstrating creative avenues of
with professional watercolor painting techniques. Your adventure into watercolor painting is explored
and enjoyed at your own pace. With the
DVD watercolor painting videos, there is ample time to repeat lessons, and
review the information to keep you encouraged and excited along the way.
The watercolor painting lessons do
not require drawing ability
and are suitable for both children and adults. And they are FUN!  

"You Can Do It! ART"-Watercolor  painting DVD video lessons can be ordered in a kit or as stand-alone
 You decide how much demonstration, description, or individual products you need. We are here to make it
as easy for you as we can by supplying a kit of the essential watercolor supplies, a how-to manual and a DVD video
of painting demonstrations and encouragement.
The DVD watercolor painting videos make watercolor painting
easy to understand and can be reviewed as needed for creative variations and new paintings even between
 The demonstration DVDs show the care and use of watercolor paint and brushes, each step of watercolor
brushwork, color mixing, and watercolor painting techniques. The step-by-step manual has explanations to go along
with the watercolor painting demonstrations on the DVDs. The manual and the DVDs work best together, for
understanding and easy review of watercolor techniques and information.  You can buy them all as a
kit or as
separate watercolor painting supplies.

And the products and lessons are guaranteed.

Do It Together:
Every watercolor painting lesson on the DVDs is adaptable for different experience levels and can be learned and
enjoyed at your own pace. The beginning level is equally appropriate for 5 or 6 year old children, and for adults who
want to learn to paint in watercolor.
These watercolor painting lessons work wonderfully for parents and
children to paint together!  While working with the same lesson materials, the different age and experience
of adults and children make the creative painting process and outcomes unique for everyone. Kinda like
baking cookies together, but not as fattening!

Do It Joyfully:
The "You Can Do It! ART"-Watercolor  painting series is created to encourage all ages to unleash the
creativity residing in each person
. God is an extraordinary Creator! And He created us in His image! No wonder,
then, that when you see rainbows, waterfalls, sunrises, flowers, children playing, smiles, and memory-evoking
scenes, there is an inner longing to participate in that beauty through some creative process.                          

As you transfer your response onto paper, canvas, or other media, you feel joy and humble satisfaction from the
sense that
you have participated in the wonder of creation on a personal level.

Do It Uniquely:
The series is entitled "You Can Do It!" because creativity is a unique expression of YOU, no one else, and only YOU
can do it in a way that expresses your particular response and reaction to YOUR world.

"You Can Do It! ART"-Watercolor painting lessons will free you from the erroneous belief that you're not
creative.  Humans are creative beings. That means you! These watercolor painting lessons will give you watercolor
techniques to express your own uniqueness in color, form, and textures. The painting lessons demonstrate, not just
tell you, how to use your watercolor brushes, how to mix colors, what paper to use, and how to get many
professional watercolor painting effects.  


Whether you prefer abstract, impressionistic, or realistic painting, your paintings will be all YOU when you are

The watercolor painting kit  or individual  Lesson DVDs  give you the perfect chance to try out affordable watercolor
painting using professional watercolor techniques in a stress-free format!

 Wonderful for groups, too!
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