Express Yourself with an Impressionistic Watercolor Painting

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What is Impresssionism? You probably are familiar with Claude Monet, one of the most popular and reproduced artists from the beginnings of impressionist painting. The subject matter in his paintings are identifiable, but the fine details are suggested, not painted with laborious little strokes. Impressionism creates a mood, a feeling about the subject matter. Impressionism gives ample room for the viewer’s imagination to fill in the details.

Impressionism is a fun way to go about a painting. It frees up your mind and your hand to try new effects with splashes of color with broader, less defined strokes of the brush. It’s a great way to go about a painting when you just want to relax, and feel playful and adventurous. It works best for me after I’ve worked really hard on a painting and need a break from the concentration. I start the impressionistic project with a feeling of, “Oh what the heck, let’s just see what THIS will do!”

That’s when the fun begins. No expectations. No audience. I’m painting just for the fun of discovery and adventure. I paint MY mood, MY feelings, using MY colors, whatever is in my imagination. Anything goes!
I’m always happy with the result, because I’ve expressed myself and have had fun doing it. It will never hang in The Louvre, but for my own personal experience and expression, it is just as important as any artwork that does!


Art in the Heavens

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Swan Nebula In case you didn’t know how to answer the question about this photo in the earlier blog, I’ll give you the answer. The beautiful colors and abstract shapes in the photo above are of the Swan Nebula. Gorgeous art in space! To think all that breath-taking heavenly art just hangs in space while we go about our grocery shopping! What a disconnect. It’s mind-boggling.

And the photo below is of the Northern Lights, also called aurora borealis. The photo was taken in Alaska. Another great example of Art in the Heavens. As if the stars, moon, and comets weren’t enough! What a show of magnificence!
Aurora Borealis

Makes me realize beauty is all around us, all the time. Just need to open our eyes.