Autumn Colors Provide Inspiration for Abstract Watercolor

Posted in Painting Ideas at 6:33 pm by Marilee

Orange, red and yellow leaves of autumn
I love the colors of autumn! They linger so briefly, which only makes them more valuable to the admiring eye. Time to stop, look, and listen to the happy crackling and rustling underfoot, or behind the rake. The dynamic reds, pinks, tangerines, golds, and oranges against the older tans, browns and grays provide great contrast to one another.

Try this for fun: Gather up an assortment of leaves, berries, and grasses, and group them together against a dark background. Photograph them and save in your picture file to refer to for those up-close-and-personal foreground areas in your paintings. You’ll be able to enjoy the colors again when you’re ready to paint an Autumn scene during the cold, wet, rainy, snowy days of winter.

These colors and shapes make wonderful reference pictures for abstract paintings, too, when you just want to paint beautiful autumn colors with abandon!