Welcome to this Art Blog!

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Marilee Donivan Welcome to this art ideas place, a blog about art, creativity, how we relate to art, and how it relates to our world (it does, doesn’t it??). You are invited to comment on the posts, or submit your own topic related to art, creativity, art therapy, and any of the topics you see on the www.sunrisedistrib.com website. Join the discussion. I’m glad you’re aboard!

A few words on publishing your comments. Your first contribution will be viewed by the Administrator of this blog and approved. This is to avoid comment spamming by unrelated blogs and hackers! Then after your first approved comment, your access will be upgraded to Author which can then verify your identity (your good name) with your email address. This is why your email address is part of the comment submission process. A necessary precaution. Helps get rid of sneaky Petes (sorry if your name is Pete. I’m sure YOU are a very fine fella!).

Pete (if you’re still with us) and others, please meet our trademark and mascot, Kandu, the “You Can Do It! ART” toucan. He’s a colorful reminder of our can-do attitude around here. He pops up now and then to emphasize a point.
Kandu trademark for “You Can Do It! ART”